About me

I am 48 years old and born in the Zuidelijke IJselmeerpolders (the Netherlands). I just started painting in December 2019. It’s actually a bit strange how this came about. My sister is sculpting and through an exhibition where many paintings were also hanging, I just got excited.

Through a short basic course I made rapid progress and felt my talent growing. I had an urge to create, learn and discover new things. I started with Rembrandt oil paint. At the moment I am mainly working with acrylics from different brands.

Private property
Private property, our cat Nala

I paint in the weekend and free time in addition to my part-time job. I started with landscapes where I copied from Bob Ross, among others. But I soon found that too simple and not beautiful enough. So a lot of experimenting and trying and continuously trying to improve myself. My 3rd painting was an experiment by copying our cat from foto (not for sale).

I now also really enjoy making abstract paintings, but the occasional landscape is still fun to paint.

I hope you like my paintings. Be sure to take a look in the shop for a reproduction. You may have a “Tjs” hanging, that would be a great honor. Would you like to leave a message?

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I would also like to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to buy an original. This can be done via email address paintings@tjs-art.com

Kind regards,
Tjerk-Jan Spriensma