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I made this painting in March and treated it with a finishing coat today. It’s simple and beautiful with warm colors. You should see it for real. There is only 1 original. Interested, send me an email ..

Also available as a reproduction:

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The master’s secret

Zero – inspired by R70-54 from Jan Schoonhoven (1914 – 1994)

In March 2021 there was a painting competition for the program “The secret of the master” of the Avro / Tros (Dutch television). See also this link.

For this I painted a work of art by Jan Schoonhoven (1914 – 1994).

This work of art bears the name R70-54. Jan was referring to a Relief from 1970 and was the 54th work in that year. He made the original from paint, papier-mâché, cardboard and wood. It can be seen in Museum Prinsenhof, Delft (Netherlands).

In 2019 this work of art was reproduced by the team of “The secret of the master” of the Avro / Tros.

In my mind I placed the artwork in 3D and painted it over. Quite a risk for a painting competition entry as it is purely black and white. The biggest question for myself was whether I would still use color, but that would detract from the original. It is an ode to Jan Schoonhoven. I applied texture to the painting using wheat flour. It was a fun adventure and educational again.

Note: the painting is not taken from the side, but painted like this! That is why a piece of edge can be seen on purpose 🙂

You can buy it from me, see the originals page

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The painting for my daughter is finished, but it is also possible to hang it somewhere yourself, click here for a reproduction in 3 sizes.

In 2012 I believe Wies had to go to sleep due to an illness. We could only find a few photos and based on that I was able to make this nice painting.

Wies, died +2012

Feel free to leave a message,

The next painting will be a surprise and based on a well-known Dutch artist, more on this later.

See you later and greetings,

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New abstract painting

Because the previous painting ‘Weave grid’ is squared and cannot be ordered larger than 16×16 inch by the factory as a reproduction, I made a larger version. Based on my favorite colors blue, yellow, brown, black.

This double hatch is available in 2 sizes. In 48.5×18 inch and 72.5×24 inch

Optionally, a part could also be ordered separately, for example the left part that turned 90 degrees also looks good.

Stramien II - Weave grid II
Stramien II – Weave grid II

The next painting will be one for my daughter :). From a horse named Wies, one of my daughter’s first favorite horses. At the time, Wies unfortunately had to fall asleep due to an illness. Some old photos turned up and then it hangs in her room. But it may be possible to order it as a reproduction later.

See you later and greetings,


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5 new paintings & website live!

The day before this website goes live (January 1, 2021) I included 5 new paintings that I made after the summer vacation. View the compilation below or the originals page with all information.

After months of preparation and the arrangements I made with the Chamber of Commerce, tax authorities and the reproductions factory, I can now go live. I wish you a wonderful and healthy 2021!

It has become a very diverse set again. Reproductions of each painting are also for sale, see the shop. Or if not yet sold the original.

It is always a precise job to get them perfectly in the picture. I khope you enjoy and until the next update in 2021 with new paintings..

What I do know is that the next painting will be one with geometric shapes, shadows and beautiful colors..

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Highlighted “Stained Glass”

Beautiful painting on canvas in 24×36 inch (61×91 cm). The original is made in acrylics.