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New abstract painting

Because the previous painting ‘Weave grid’ is squared and cannot be ordered larger than 16×16 inch by the factory as a reproduction, I made a larger version. Based on my favorite colors blue, yellow, brown, black.

This double hatch is available in 2 sizes. In 48.5×18 inch and 72.5×24 inch

Optionally, a part could also be ordered separately, for example the left part that turned 90 degrees also looks good.

Stramien II - Weave grid II
Stramien II – Weave grid II

The next painting will be one for my daughter :). From a horse named Wies, one of my daughter’s first favorite horses. At the time, Wies unfortunately had to fall asleep due to an illness. Some old photos turned up and then it hangs in her room. But it may be possible to order it as a reproduction later.

See you later and greetings,


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